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Help for Abusive Partners

First and foremost, we want to state that no person deserves to suffer mental and emotional abuse. And we never want to someone to stay in a relationship that’s detrimental to their mental or physical state. Please seek help immediately if you’re in a troubling relationship.

Relationships are not always as easy as we want them to be. They’re often so emotionally charged that they bring out the best and worst of our behaviors. That said, there are abusers out there they have the ability to change deep-seeded behaviors if they’re given direction, focus and training.

However, the only way to combat these learned feelings, behaviors and attitudes is by getting that person help immediately.

Call for Help

We want those being abused to know we’re here for you, but we’re also here for abusers looking to help themselves get better. Everyone deserves dignity and respect for reaching out in times of crisis, especially those who are ready and willing to take responsibility for their actions.

No matter who calls us, we believe that it’s an opportunity to help someone make a positive change in their life, which impacts everyone around them. We will always strive to remain supportive and empathetic to your specific situation.

Here are just a few things we’ll discuss over the phone:

  • Our staff will listen to your specific situation to determine your best, and safest, course of action.
  • We can identify unhealthy behaviors and “red flags” in your relationship and help you brainstorm healthy alternatives.
  • We’ll give you strategies on how to deescalate a situation and calm down, and how to remove yourself from confrontation.
  • We’ll teach you to see how your negative thoughts and actions impact those around you.
  • We can give you advice about and access to treatment programs designed to help the abuser take immediate action.

Intervention Programs

Enrolling an abusive partner into a certified batterer intervention program is often the first step to helping them reflect on their actions and take accountability for what they’ve done. We recommend forgoing couples counseling or therapy, or even anger management, so the abuser can first deal with their abuse patterns.

Confidential & Impartial

We at the NRH aren’t here to judge your actions or the actions of another. That is not our focus. Our focus remains being an impartial ear to those that need our help in seeking help or treatment. Above all, we’re here to help address negative behaviors and help you and your partner find safe, common ground in which to live and communicate.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive or dangerous relationship, give us a call today at [Enter Number] so we can get them the help they deserve.

Note: In some cases, action out of our control needs to be taken right away. If you feel your safety is threatened, please contact the police immediately.

Speak with a Relapse Advisor: Call 866-921-8893 or